X-Cart SEO Services in India

X-cart out of the box, is far from being Search Engine Friendly and if you are dependent on people finding your shop in the search engines then you are going to have to devote some budget to this key area. First thing you need to do is get rid of the default php pages, and have search engine friendly html pages. This is the most essential X-Cart mod you can buy, and you can choose from plug and play mods that automatically create your URLs on the fly, or mods that allow you to customise the URLs.

At SamifLabs, we will analyze your site in depth and will plan out a strategy that is specific to your situation and which has the best likelihood of ensuring your online success. We have years of experience optimizing e commerce websites and all of our clients have achieved a higher rankings on the search engines for great number of keywords. Our SEO Experts aim to improve your sites web presence significantly by employing the best practices and SEO tools.


  • totally removes dynamic links for categories, products, manufacturers and content pages
  • creates static links for best search engine optimization
  • no additional “products_id/9/cPath/4” symbols in your links
  • dynamic updates for all your links, no needs to regenerate it manually
  • uses folders instead of .php for all links
  • completely supported by Xcart Seo, Xcart Seo Module, Xcart Module

Our entire spectrum of competitive online development services delivers efforts for both B2B and B2C Dealings. Technical professionals of our search engine technolohy Company develop database, which is absorbed by such links to create consecutive pages. Our X Cart SEO Experts have to take care for both offline and online efficiency either it’s a static or dynamic online page as the strategy to make it virbant remains the same.

SamifLabs has a sizable team of highly skilled and technically proficient SEO professionals with an average of 5+ years hands-on experience. Our Dedicated SEO Experts will look after towards all your search engine marketing, and optimization needs as per project requirements. We seek to deliver our services at competitive cost without compacting the quality standards of work and services. We are committed for effective, professional, standardized Search Engine Optimization solution to our customers for better online presence and search engine ranking.

We provide the following services:

  • X-Cart web design/Theme design
  • X-Cart web development
  • X-Cart module incorporation
  • X-Cart SEO
  • X-Cart Custom designing of template
  • X-Cart payment gateway integration
  • X-Cart customization and X-Cart development
  • X-Cart contribution development & integration

It is great ecommerce solution and very cheap in price to use for the Online Store Management as it is open source content management system. Most of the time x cart is used by Software Developers who seeks the same quality like PHP in low price. Big Companies who want to start the different sales channel for their company in low costing budget. At SamifLabs, we are determined to satisfy all your X-cart SEO needs regarding your e-commerce store so that nothing remains undone to make your store SEO Friendly. Further, we make sure that our clients get the highest quality results while spending the lowest.

The X-Cart Shopping Cart is consistently rated the best shopping cart available, but the amount of customization required to get the XCart shopping cart up and running on your site can be daunting. Here is where Search engine genie helps you. To make your selling in a very easy way, our customization experts will slog for you. Give it to us. We would take care.