WooCommerce SEO Services

WooCommerce SEO Services

WooCommerce has fast become “the” shopping cart add-on for wordpress which in turn has enhanced an already attractive wordpress code base. Woocommerce is ideal for small to medium size shopping cart businesses with excellent SEO Friendly set-ups taking advantage of a rich wordpress scalability.Because of the great code, extensive add-ons and huge amount of support for the product it also makes Woocommerce a cost effective, low budget shopping cart.

SamifLabs have specialists in all areas of expertise required to successfully run an eCommerce Business, whether this includes hosting the website or handling payments and shipping. A great service and quick processing time is equally important to customers as a well polished user interface.

These include the following:

  • Woo Commerce Designs – shopping cart designs
  • Woo Commerce Theme edits and modifications
  • Product page modifications
  • Extended Plugins for custom functions
  • Noo Wootheme integration
  • Basic woocommerce setup
  • Shopping cart Integration into Existing Design.

If you are familiar with the WordPress SEO plugin, you will know your way around in this add-on right away. It introduces one new submenu under the main SEO menu item of your administration panel, where it introduces one new settings page.

WooCommerce Works with any WordPress Template and WooCommerce Customization can give you the look that you want, without sacrificing its user friendliness. It also comes standard with a variety of payment gateways (such as PayPal Checkout and Mijireh), integrated shipping capabilities, product variations and many other powerful features. Finally, eCommerce with WordPress is ready to rock thanks to the brilliant minds at Team!

Your whole website’s structure is organised in a way that conforms with what search engines expect and promote. If you want to create your content by yourself it is good if you are aware of SEO rules. The CMS system does a lot of heavy lifting automatically, but manual touch is what makes all the difference.

The WooCommerce SEO Plugin offers two settings to fix these issues. On the All Products screen in the administration panel, all WordPress SEO Columns can be hidden, except for the SEO status indicator. This is how I manually configure the screen to look anyway, so this setting makes this even easier.

Get in touch with us today, time scales and turn around time is generally pretty quick and so is our response to emails.