Upgrade Zen Cart

Upgrading your Zen Cart to the latest version can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Let our professional programmers make the transition smoothly by ensuring that all of your currently installed modules work with the latest version. At SamifLabs we’ll not only update your files and database to the latest version but also reinstall new versions of modules for the latest version of Zen Cart.

Zencart has announced its new release version of v1.5.0 with its extended security updates and file modifications. A live payment processing using PayPal, alert pay, authorized.net, etc… is included in the default installation of it. Rocking performance of malware resistance, spam blocking, etc.. are included in this new Zencart release. Our Zencart Team provides you Zencart Upgrade Services to upgrade your Zencart store to the latest release with minimal updation cost.

Why Zencart Upgrade Services at SamifLabs:-

  • Our Zencart Experts are aware of core zencart coding
  • Extreme Level knowledge of zencart updated versioins
  • Our Zencart team is countinuesly working with different zencart modules and some in queue to launch soon
  • Our Rich Portfolio shows you our success in many countries such as India, Canada, USA, London, UAE, Soudi Arebia, Norway, Denmark, Swiden, Australia, etc…
  • Our Dalicated Zencart Developers are always ready to help you
  • Best solution providing skill as per your complex requirement
  • We are not providing only coding or programming but we are providing complete solutions

If you really think you need to upgrade, SamifLabs is the right place for you. Here, unused and non-compliant modules are removed, broken functions are eliminated and you get a brand new store with all of your products, customers, coupons, orders, etc… But no upgrade exceptions and incompatibility issues.

Upgrades can take few days and will be completed in a sub-folder of your website before migrating to the root of the website. Expect your website to be down for maintenance for approximately 1-2 hours while files are copied to your store’s root. Our pricing is based on your current installation of Zen Cart as the older your version, the more differences there will be and more file merging required to complete the upgrade. Contact us or Inquire Now for more information.