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Upgrade WordPress

WordPress is an open source platform, which means that people from around the world Constantly work on fixing old problems and improving features to give you the best possible Content Management System (CMS) experience on the market. What it also means is that you must upgrade your installation regularly or risk everything you have worked on.

Before WordPress Upgrade Service we take a complete backup of database and essential files. So If during the upgrade process if anything goes wrong we can roll back your wordpress version to old. After upgrade if you are using any third party or free plugins which are not compatible with the latest version of wordpress then problem may occur.

There are two ways to upgrade/update WordPress. One is automatic update and second is the manual method to update. No doubt automatic update method is the most used method. All a user needs to do is to just click on the button “Update WordPress”. This is by far the most simplest and easiest way to update WordPress. But some users may face problem in automatic update and if you’re among them then just follow the below method to manually update WordPress.

What Included in WordPress Upgrade Service:-

  • A working backup of your database and all website files saved to our external hard drive.
  • Conflict and compatibility check of your WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Manual removal of all obsolete and vulnerable WordPress core files.
  • Update of the latest WordPress core files.
  • Database upgrade to the latest stable WordPress version.
  • Manual upgrade of both WordPress default themes (Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven).
  • Removal of inactive WordPress themes.
  • We test of your updated site, plugins, and theme to ensure it’s functioning properly.

Our WordPress Experts Study your site for design implementations and features deeply and chart out what features or plugins are not supported by the latest version and may crash while upgrade. They consult with you and inform you of all possibilities. After that they take a proper backup of your current site or blog and start the upgrading process. Once WordPress is upgraded they restore all the settings and design implementations if any of them have changed or damaged thus providing you with the Upgraded WordPress site. If you are interested in this service please Contact Us now.