Silverlight Developer India

Silverlight Developer India

We provide Silverlight Solutions like Web applications that include rich content such as vector-based graphics, 2D animation, audio and video playback. Using Silverlight allows us to deliver solutions that are cross-browser and cross-platform. Whether your users run Windows, Mac or Linux (using Moonlight technology), or whether your browser is Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari – we deliver a new interactive experience to all of them with our applications.

We are official Partner of Microsoft and deliver extensive applications that support rich content like vector graphics, audio and video files, and 2D animation. We also provide Silverlight Consultation throughout the production process, from requirement analysis to designing and development, our open social services will for sure meet your business goals and needs.

Following are some of the solutions that we provide using Silverlight:

  • Multimedia Applications: Video-Audio albums, Video conferencing solutions, learning programs.
  • Presentations: Presentations about your company, product service offerings, etc.
  • Web Widgets: Web widgets including weather, financial information and charts, calculators, etc.
  • Surveys: Surveys based on your questions and suggestions with a handy user interface for voting and viewing results of the survey.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) applications: Resource and Event management solutions, Project Management tools.
  • Silverlight Control development: Reusable controls based on XAML+C#.

How we work

Our developers create pages using WPF and HTML elements with Silverlight. We use Silverlight and other Dot Net languages and Javascript to design and develop cross browser and cross platform Rich Internet Applications. Our expertise with Silverlight also helps us to develop range of online and localized applications. From software applications to enterprise solutions, our Microsoft Silverlight services cater to all your business requirement.

We provide the following Silverlight solutions to our clients

  • Integrate Silverlight plug-in with existing web applications.
  • RIA development
  • Multimedia internet solution development
  • Development of web widgets and its customization
  • Deployment and design AJAX-based applications
  • Windows mobile solutions using Silverlight

Why do we insist on Microsoft Silverlight

  • You can easily integrate Silverlight with other web applications
  • You can design and develop rich interactive applications
  • It supports 2D vector graphics, videos and animations
  • It updates itself automatically
  • It is not only compatible with multiple web browsers but also multiple platforms
  • It enables speedy delivery of high quality video
  • It offers a flexible programming model
  • Silverlight supports Visual Basic, C#, Python and Ruby

Please Feel Free to Contact us for more information about our Silver light Developer Services.