Magento Support and Maintenance Services

Magento maintenance services help to make immediate fixes to website functioning and ensure its trouble-free performance.

By offering Magento support services, Samif assist in handling all arising technical hurdles and stands for regular business development in accordance with changing business needs.

Why clients Choose Samif for 24/7 Magento Support Services?

Samif’s ongoing ecommerce store and magento website routine maintenance packages assist with online businesses running smoothly, productively and without downtime. Samif, and Samif team of Certified Magento Developers, are available 24/7 to resolve technical issues, address security threats, overhaul computerized resources and answer any questions you might have about your magento business site.

Delegating the help and advancement of your ecommerce business to Samif, you will associated with an Expert Magento developer team. Naturally, this brings positive outcomes.

  • We associate with the development of business direction and deal with all solution-related technical aspects.
  • Any Arising issue is solved quickly and efficiently.
  • We deliver minor and major upgrades and updates of your Magento ecommerce Website making ready to better customer experience and effectively coordinated internal work processes.
  • Your ecommerce solution accomplished without a hitch.
  • You get standard reviews and reports on the online store activity.
  • Your magento application and corporate frameworks integrated with it are safely secured.
  • Emergency support capabilities 24/7/365 with Dedicated Magento Developers.
  • Customers can be hosted anywhere, internal or external.

Site Support and Magento Maintenance Services

Allow your business to develop, keep your store running at ideal proficiency while Magento gives further developed execution, scalability, and different advantages benefits, regular support is needed to ensure that all moving parts continue to work as designed. Anyway, what’s the most ideal approach to keep your site keep on being a high-performing eCommerce resource?

The way to keeping an ecommerce site safe and secure is to keep awake-to-date with all Magento code updates, security patches, bug fixes and malicious dangers.

Having completely prepared team on your side as your magento technical support experts can have significant effect. We’ll ensure the magento maintenance services your website needs are expertly taken care of, keeping your site fully operational for the long stretch.

Samif’s development experts track all magneto-related basic and recommended updates, including those throughout the official Magento store and on all relevant 3rd-party software and extensions. When update is released, or another threat occurs, Samif is altered promptly, and will take the necessary steps to ensure these updates and security patches are updated rapidly and securely.

Here, we convert your PSD, AI or XD designs into totally optimized, rich-quality, cross-browser suitable Magento site. Our Experts make responsive sites and adaptable designs through PSD to Magento Conversion Services. Hire our Professional developers to work for your next project.

Your Dedicated Magento Support Services

At the point when a Magento store requires an update, Samif is available 24/7 to to take crucial actions. To start with, Samif will test the updates on a development or test site to ensure safe integration. Then, at that point, we’ll run broad test with your website in a safe environment and migrate the new patch from the test site to the live site. We’re consistently checking for mistakes to assure the entire process complete happens easily and effortlessly.

Work with Samif

Proven, Predictable and fast support.

We have Magento experts ready to help, however our enterprise backing and support team incorporates aces across an assortment of technology platforms and applications.

Dedicated Lines of Communication

We provide a single point of contact and offer 24/7/365 access to our Samif MS support portal AND a Emergency support line staffed by a dedicated support team.

24×7 Magento Support & Maintenance

Not exclusively are we there to help at whatever point you need it, we are additionally proactively doing all we can to ensure that require occurs in any case.

Customer Satisfaction is the #1 Priority for Our Team

Our managed services division has achieved a recorded more than 98% “Excellent” (5/5) rating so far from our support customers.

We are experts in accomplishing excellent results for Magento Websites by developing bespoke Magento SEO service to help essentially increment traffic and sales.

Magento Support Packages

  • Magento Installation
  • Magento Configuration
  • Magento Updates
  • Magento PHP Support
  • Magento Emergency Support
  • Expert team available 24/7 for emergency support
  • Dedicated helpdesk

Magento 2 Support and Maintenance

Looking for perfect destination for magento 2 maintenance services provider company? We help your magento 2 store up-to-date as per current market trends.

Technological developments and advances have posed both risks and advantages to every business today. In order to overcome all the challenges brought by the tight competition in the market, businesses would opt for I.T. solutions to fulfill their goal of providing quality products and services to consumers. Among the most widely used platform by successful e-commerce today is the Magento 2. Knowing the right partner for the design and development of an online store will surely let the business go a long way in its industry. On the other hand, having a Magento 2 maintenance service provider would be another story. With us, you can avail both the services from design and development to the complete maintenance of your Magento 2 powered stores.

Every maintenance need for a Magento 2 website is part of our expertise. We specialize in the installation of product updates, extensions and add-ons, including bug fixing to ensure that a webpage will function 24/7 and for the business to continually meet the needs of its consumers. With the Magento 2 maintenance service that we have been providing to our clients, we were able to record a high level of improvements on the client’ financial statements. Thus, we endlessly offer businesses and enterprises the advantage of choosing our cost-effective Magento 2 maintenance services.

Our Magento 2 Maintenance Services:

  • Store Back-up: A vital part in Magento 2 maintenance service is to have a reliable store back up. Our team will provide this service for the entire database, including:
  • Magento 2 Store QA: To ensure that a Magento-enabled store will leave a lasting good impression to consumers and online shoppers, regular Quality Assurance measures has to be conducted.
  • Bug Fixing: One sign of bug domination in a webpage could result to series of opportunity loss. We will help you do-away with any bug occurrences or fix them instantly through the expertise of our Magento 2 programmers
  • Project Management: Our process of handling Magento 2 maintenance service project would involve dedicated and knowledgeable team leaders and competent team players. Thus, we are more than capable in overseeing the necessary maintenance procedure for the webpage.
  • Training: Cascading the knowledge from our people to the clients’ people also takes part of our expertise. We provide trainings to the process owners of the business.
  • Regular Monitoring: In order for our team to thoroughly provide the Magento 2 maintenance services needed by the clients, regular monitoring is conducted on the areas of down times, bug occurrences, online user complaints, etc.
  • Magento Version Updates: Our team will never be left out on every updates and necessary Magento upgrades that we can integrate to the clients’ webpage.
  • Magento Security Patches: Every data is both important and considered highly confidential for the client so we always instill to our people the value of keeping a secured database with the right Magento security patches on every loop of the source code.
  • Advanced Website Changes: We help our clients keep up with the latest customization that Magento 2 has to offer.
  • Advanced Store Support: Store support features such as data analytics, market evaluation and other advanced support for any e-commerce store will be provided by our team.
  • Proactive Website Monitoring: One of the services that most clients love from us is our proactive reports on the website performance from customer order, product management, payment gateway integration etc.
  • Magento SEO Support: The importance of having a webpage is to keep the traffic up on the page. With our Magento 2 maintenance service, we provide SEO support thats erves as a foundation for an increased sales
  • Magento Code and Performance Check: Overseeing how Magento codes are being built is our main priority so as to prevent occurrence of webpage downtime and bugs.

Attaining high quality Magento Support & Maintenance service would not remain an issue anymore! We are proficient to tackle recently upgraded technology to ensure flawless navigation and site operation. Whether you recently switched to Magento or your project lies behind the schedule, we have a suitable solution for you.

SamifLabs caters customized solutions for clients to meet their requirements regarding Magento support and maintenance. For the sake of offering matchless solutions to our honored clients, we conduct a complete assessment of their sites. We have employed dedicated Magento Developers who handle issues including site maintenance and management, theme development and custom integration.

A single platform to procure high-grade Magento Support & Maintenance without any hassle.

  • PSD to Magento
  • Custom Magento Development
  • Responsive Magento Website
  • Magento Support & Maintenance
  • Magento Migration
  • Magento Theme Development
  • Magento Module Development
  • Hire Magento Developer

Possessing sound expertise earned from successful project accomplishment, we assure you to become accountable for return on the investment you made. We provide flexibility to our customers to avail support & maintenance service either for a specific issue or on monthly contract basis.

Our prime motto is to offer maximum advantages to our clients based on performance, quality and complete Magento Solution. Focusing over the PSD to Magento Conversion, we put the best methodologies towards creating, designing and supporting Magento based e-commerce store.

Key Benefits of Our Magento Support & Maintenance Services

  • Our support team is reachable via phone, email and instant messaging
  • Quick Magento extension support and instant response for any issue
  • Online support management for issue tracking
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction with cost-effective services
  • Assurance of Flawless Magento code structure
  • Complete support for development, design &; customization

Feel free to share every issue based on your project or e-store and get superior solutions accordingly. Contact Us as we are also available to take up the new projects.

Magento Migration India

If you own an eCommerce/e-commerce store and your customers often complain regarding their difficulty to place an order or poor navigation, then get ready to find a solution. The store also might not be offering good marketing features like order tracking statistics or reporting. We suggest you to get support of Magento Migration.

SamifLabs is expert in migrating every website irrespective of its platform (whether it is backed by Magento or not). Magento bestowed with incredible features, seems a perfect choice to migrate your existing store to Magento. Without causing any loss of your data (customer, product, order), we transform your store into a better manageable, more user friendly and easily accessible platform.

Empower your e-commerce store with Magento migration and expect to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • PSD to Magento
  • Custom Magento Development
  • Responsive Magento Website
  • Magento Support & Maintenance
  • Magento Migration
  • Magento Theme Development
  • Magento Module Development
  • Hire Magento Developer

To ensure the best results while moving your store to Magento, we have employed a team of industry experts who are versed with the recommended technology. In order to ensure data security, our Magento Programmers get complete back-up of your existing store before they start migrating the data. Once the migration is accomplished, we deliver a well-tested project to our clients.

We comprehend your project requirements and work accordingly. Our team puts all the possible efforts to render the Best Migration that too without compromising the markup quality. We offer the Magento migration services at the market leading prices.

Our Exclusive Magento Migration Service: A Momentary Look

  • Assured full database backup prior to Magento migration
  • Helps in importing product data into the e-store easily.
  • Guaranteed no 404 pages and effectual security scan
  • Fully functional and error-free migration to Magento website
  • Magento backend allows to specify the file format
  • Modernize your Magento backup with latest technology on the new server

Approach us to be assisted and enjoy an innovative mode of your site operation with Magento Migration.

Magento Upgrade Services

Our Magento Upgrade Services are suitable for those who currently have a Magento installation and desire to upgrade to the latest version. Upgrades are performed by our dedicated Magento technical team, generally within 48-96 hours. We are committed to helping you keep your website healthy and current by taking advantage of the latest features, functions, bug fixes and general improvements offered in the latest Magento Commerce version.

Our Magento Upgrade Services are structured to help you gain the benefits of regular Magento Commerce version upgrades. They are suitable for individual business, website development companies, agencies and essentially anyone who is currently running Magento Commerce and desires to upgrade to the latest version to take advantage of the latest features and functions available.

As an eCommerce platform that is rapidly evolving, we recommend that clients and website administrators per se, perform regular Magento upgrades. Regular and pre-scheduled Magento Upgrades are a cost effective method of ensuring your Magento eCommerce store is healthy, stable and reliable.

Utilizing our Magento Upgrade Services:

If you have been using an older version of Magento and desire to upgrade it to a newer version we would be happy to help you. We strive at making this process nice and easy through our on-demand Magento Upgrade Service(s) that you can purchase here on our website.

If you are a Magento Commerce store owner, website development agency, graphic design, consultant etc… and are in need of Multiple Magento Upgrades Services, you are able to take advance of our Multi-Upgrade Service Packages to use for multiple Magento upgrades or for future use.

Please feel free to Contact Us,if you want to get more information regarding to our Magento Upgrade Services.

The Magento eCommerce platform offers rich features and functionalities, without compromising on security and integrity. Magento is available for download in two different versions.

Magento Maintenance Services include periodical version upgrades. Magento releases newer versions at frequent intervals, addressing the bugs and issues notices or reported in the previous releases. Unless the customer has a stabilized version of Magento installed, the upgrades may cause more trouble than benefits. Magento Development India strongly recommends the installation of full new versions of Magento.

If an online store still wants to go in for an upgrade, it is always advisable and prudent to back up the entire online store database, before attempting to upgrade to the new beta version.

Magento Development India provides high quality support in case any Magento-based web store runs into software issues. We provide 24 hour helpline and offer online support to resolve issues that may crop up during Magento usage. We provide download support and installation assistance.

We help you to develop customized themes and skins. We offer support for your extensions, modules and templates.

Magento Development India ensures that a panel of experts continuously explores the possibilities of optimizing and fine tuning the performance of each and every online store developed using Magento. Magento Maintenance Services are essential for the successful running of the Magento Online Stores.

Maintenance of Magento can include:

  • Magento Upgrades and Updates
  • Template Changes
  • Email Changes
  • Module Installations
  • Upgrades to Magento Connect modules
  • Payment Gateways
  • Server Changes
  • CMS Pages
  • Product additions
  • Google Analytics/Base/Checkout
  • XHTML/CSS Changes