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Hire Dedicated PHP Programmers in India

When Business owner are not exactly sure about their idea as what need to be developed or not much technically sound, they need consultation from the developers. Hiring programmer at SamifLabs saves your time, effort and assist you in building business applications which help grow your business. Our PHP Web Developers work with your ideas implement them into web applications and hence help envision your business goals. 

Our Indian PHP Programmer are very well versed in PHP Programming and have deep knowledge of PHP technologies like ZendFramework, CakePHP, Code igniter etc…as all these technologies follows MVC structure, our PHP Developers have thorough knowledge of MVC structure and can create highly customized PHP custom web applications using them.

If you are a project manager, website owner, webmaster and going to Hire PHP Programmer then it is sometime very difficult to evaluate a right programmer for your project. In this post we will explore on the some of the thing which we need to consider before going to Hire PHP Programmer. This post will be beneficial for the webmaster or website owner who does not have hard core knowledge of PHP.

Our Dedicated PHP Programmers specialized in:

  • PHP/AJAX Programming
  • Blog Customization
  • Shopping Cart
  • Sales CRM
  • Ecommerce Website Development
  • PHP CMS Development
  • Cake PHP Development
  • Dating Website
  • PHP Web Applications
  • PHP Website
  • Matrimonial Website

Unlike other small PHP development companies or freelancers we are accountable for results. Our company vision is to help our customer with latest technology to win there market. Our job not ends with project, we make sure that our customer get success with there project. SamifLabs has such a team of PHP developers for Custom Web Development or application to enlarge or amend your current website by improving its functionality following your business requirement. By hiring our PHP Developers on daily, weekly and monthly basis you can save both your time and money.

The option to Hire PHP Developer is not only advantageous from strategic point of view but it also helps save a considerable amount of time & money as well. The PHP Developers team, here, also offers valuable SEO insights & recommendations to drive traffic, sales and revenues for your web presence. The PHP & MySQL based ecommerce websites crafted by our PHP Developers allow customers to shop in a secured & hassle-free manner. These sites are carefully designed by PHP Programmer India to improve end-user experience and boost the online marketing efforts for your online enterprise.

Benefits of using our hiring PHP Development services:-

  • Seamless, round the clock communication
  • Proficient programming skills
  • Updated knowledge of PHP
  • Daily update on milestones achieved
  • Frameworks like CakePHP and Zend
  • Flexible working shifts to suit different time zones
  • No hidden cost
  • Source code authorization
  • Confidential contract

Hire PHP Developer on monthly basis if you are providing services based on PHP Platform OR if you own site which are created using PHP scripting language and require regular maintenance work. Apart from this if you have unfinished site on PHP language and looking to Hire PHP Programmer for few hours then you can Hire PHP Web Developer on houly basis as well. Our hiring plan are very flexible and can be customized as per your needs.

We can provide you PHP Programmers india instantly after finalizing agreement with you. It takes only a day to finalize agreement with you and setup your accounst in our PHP developer tracking system. Contact us now and we shall provide you with all detailed information regarding our dedicated php programmer and php prgramming servies.

PHP MySQL Development India

At SamifLabs, we provide a lot of business website services, and most of these services rely on our expertise in PHP programming. Specializing in PHP Programming allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive range of custom website and Application Development Services, from basic web design to Custom Database Management systems.

We undertake PHP MySQL Web Development for domestic as well as international clients. Our PHP professionals have the requisite experience to deliver quality server side scripting, user-friendly interfaces, static as well as dynamic web pages, simple to complex application development and tailor-made PHP Web Design solutions. We are well-versed with the latest technologies, such as ASP Programming, J2EE Programming and PHP programming. If your organization is looking for quality PHP Application Development services within a fast turnaround time, consider outsourcing to SamifLabs. Outsource PHP programming services to SamifLabs and watch your business grow to new heights.

PHP Programming has many benefits as listed below:

  • PHP programming is simple to use and implement
  • The syntax of PHP is very similar to Pearl, Java and C
  • PHP can be used with Unix, Microsoft windows, Linux and other operating systems
  • PHP can be used for server-side scripting as well as command line scripting
  • PHP can be used for creating code for dynamic and static web pages
  • PHP can be used for writing desktop applications
  • PHP is reliable, fast and stable
  • PHP is a language that gets updated on a constant basis
  • PHP can be used as a object-oriented programming tool or as a procedural programming tool
  • PHP can support several web servers

PHP Web Programming offers the ability to directly connect to the relational databases by using its fully featured internal functions. It supports a whole fleet of databases including Oracle, DB2, mSQL and MySQL and all major web servers such as Apache, Microsoft IIS, Personal web server, Netscape, iPlanet server, OmniHTTPD, Linux and many others. Moreover, there are many open source Content Management Systems, blog scripts, forums, shopping carts etc which run on PHP and enable PHP to cover a large part in allover usage of server software. It is installed on more than 200 million websites and 1 million web servers. As it is set up with low maintenance cost and at almost zero configurations, most of hosting providers recommend PHP.

Open Source Development Services that we provide:

  • Joomla Development
  • PhpBB Development
  • PHP-Nuke Development
  • Drupal Development
  • Expression Engine Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Magento Development
  • CRM Integration

Our PHP MySQL Web Development solutions are highly affordable. We have experienced professionals who apply PHP Programming to create unique and attractive websites and applications that are compatible across multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Unix. Moreover the websites and applications that we build are multilingual supportive, multiple server compatible and database supportive. We also undertake PHP outsourcing and offshore development projects.

At SamifLabs, to be the best is the cult practiced by every individual. The world of e-business is competitive and nobody can understand better than us. Out here we have a customized, optimized and a completely proactive designed for your internal and external processes which enable you to synchronize the tasks for better all round performances.

Please feel free to Contact us to know more about our PHP Programming Company.