Cloud Testing Services Company India

We provides an innovative testing solution in the Cloud (Cloud Testing Services). It brings together the best testing components to provide low-cost, on-demand application quality without needing up-front investment.

Cloud Testing Services by Cloud Testing Experts 

Testing in cloud is different than traditional on premise testing where enterprise has to set up, maintain and verify the scenarios from end to end prospective in all aspects. Below is some of the testing required to perform once application is moved to cloud premises.

  • System integration testing Services (SIT) – Testing performed to verify that the cloud solution will work within the current infrastructure and environments, proving that the implementation of a cloud solution does not impact any existing systems.
  • User acceptance Testing Services (UAT) –Testing is done to verify the current provided cloud solution from the vendor meets the business needs of the organization.
  • Automation Testing Services-Ensure that the automation suite can be created and executed with minimal changes in the cloud.
  • Accessibility Testing Services -Verify user groups across different geographic location are accessible to the cloud at any point of time without any delay.
  • Security Testing Services -Ensure that all sensitive and important information which are going to be stored in the cloud will be highly secure in nature. As privacy also a key area in cloud from the user point of view, it’s important to verify the privacy of the application users and associated information when maintained in cloud.
  • Interoperability Testing Services-Verify moving application from one cloud to alternate cloud provider should have the flexibility to run successfully. Basically there should not be any issue if business/user is migrating from one infrastructure to another one.
  • Performance Testing Services-Testing technique that measures the system performances in cloud – Verify the network latency and response time, Load balancing, peak request count by hosting subscription in different data centres across the globe. Adding to these, traditional load and stress testing are required to validate business scenarios in the cloud model in terms of varying dynamic load and stress on the application. 
  • Multi tenancy Testing Services – The concept of multi tenancy is to provide solution/offering from a single instance to multiple tenants(user/clients) .Cloud offering should be validated when more than one client is using the same instance in terms of security and Data.  
  • Disaster Recovery Testing Services -Verify the time it’s takes to recover from disaster in different scenario (system crashes under high load/volume of data, hardware failures, system failures, Network outrage, insufficient bandwidth) as per SLA. Also verify is there any data loss in this process and time takes to report failure. 
  • Scalability Testing Services -Ensure cloud provider is offering scale in/out functionality as per the demand from the user/organization. 
  • Availability Testing Services – Cloud offering should be available 24*7 for the enterprise or end user. It’s the key responsibilities of the provider to maintain as per the SLA.

What is Cloud Testing? , “cloud testing is a form of software testing in which Web applications that leverage Cloud computing environments (“cloud”) seek to simulate real-world user traffic as a means of load testing and stress testing web sites. The ability and costs to simulate Web traffic for software testing purposes has been an inhibitor to overall Web reliability.”

Software testing is an essential part of the software development cycle. Until recently, companies were depending on in-house resources for carrying out software testing. However, with the development of component-based and distributed applications leading to resultant increase in software complexities and high cost of maintenance of in-house testing facilities as well as delays in time-to-market of products, businesses are looking forward to employing more effective testing approaches.

Also Cloud based platforms are increasing enterprises’ ability to reduce time-to-market drastically, along with eliminating upfront costs. This has led to increased interest in the adoption of cloud-based solutions. However, it brings unique challenges related to data security, privacy, integration and application performance. These require comprehensive cloud-based testing to ensure that your cloud implementations are successful and that you realize complete benefits from the cloud solution.

We will help you define an effective strategy to test the cloud, so that you can address all the challenges and pitfalls. Software testing in the cloud usually focuses on functional testing of the application, but it also needs a strong emphasis on non functional and cloud-specific testing. We adopt this end-to-end approach to ensure high quality across all aspects of cloud implementation.

cloud based solution delivers these key benefits for application testing

  • Eliminate upfront investment in hardware procurement, management and maintenance, as well as software licensing and support costs, and achieve fast ROI on application investments.
  • Access Testing experts to help advance in-house testing expertise and governance processes.
  • Achieve faster time-to-market through rapid procurement and project set-up & execution.
  • Ensure data integrity and ‘anytime, anywhere’ accessibility through enterprise-class secure, available and redundant infrastructure with 24×7 operation.
  • Reduce investment in resources required to manage existing testing environments.
  • Increase efficiency and team collaboration through Internet-based access and inter probability.
  • Reduce business risk and deliver better quality applications faster by using HPE’s leading Quality Management solutions.

Cloud testing introduces a new set of challenges, such as concerns regarding data security, cloud vulnerabilities, data accessibility, and a lack of standards. In addition, the use of cloud testing requires skilled staff with considerable expertise in conducting these test.

Why Hire Cloud Testing Experts from us?

  • We have a global team of testing professionals with experience in testing large and complex cloud implementations.
  • Testing professionals with comprehensive experience across domains. 
  • A pool of skilled CEHs (Certified Ethical Hackers) testing conformance with international standards including OWASP, OSSTMM, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, WAHH, etc.
  • An extensive performance testing resource pool available with expertise in proprietary, open source (e.g. JMeter) and third-party tools (LoadRunner, VSTS, LoadComplete, etc.). 
  • An extensive performance testing resource pool available with expertise in proprietary, open source (e.g. JMeter) and third-party tools (LoadRunner, VSTS, LoadComplete, etc.). 
  • Expertise on industry leading test automation (e.g. UFT, Selenium, TestCompete, Coded UI, etc.).

By outsourcing your testing requirements, You can control testing costs, increase the test coverage, and management overhead as well as speed up their software development life cycle and monetize it faster. Companies can then pay for what they use. They can also profit from the technical expertise of the testing team.