Yii Development India

Yii is an open source, object-oriented, high-performance component-based PHP Web Application framework. Yii is pronounced as Yee or and it’s an acronym for “Yes It Is! The Yii project started on January 1, 2008, in order to fix some drawbacks of the PRADO framework. For example, PRADO was slow when handling complex pages had a steep learning curve and many controls were difficult to customize, while Yii is much easier and more efficient.

Yii is a high performance component based PHP framework used for developing wide range of Web applications around the Globe. Yii contains careful all-inclusive and class reference tutorials. It is written in rich OOP and offers maximum reusability in web applications and hence responsible for remarkably enhancing the development process. The term Yii stands for efficient, easy and extensible. It is extremely fast reusable and extensible.

Yii development benefits with:

  • Good documentation
  • Rapid processes
  • Fast performance and release
  • New features
  • Strong code
  • Rapid growth

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