ASP.Net WPF Development

When your requirement is of a UI intensive Desktop Application for Windows, all you need to do is look for SamifLabs. We also expertise in WPF Application Development on Windows based touch screen devices. We have already developed kiosks applications for our Indian client that are now placed at more than 100 locations.

WPF Tools used by our ASP .Net Developer

We use two development tools for WPF applications. One is Visual Studio and the other is Expression Blend. While Visual Studio is good for coding and XAML editing, it doesn’t have much support for all the graphical stuff like gradients, template editing, animation, etc. This is the point where Expression Blend comes in. Blend covers the graphical part very well but it has (still) rare support for code and XAML editing.

Other tools we use by Developer at SamifLabs

  • WPF Inspector
  • Snoop (Inspect the Visual Tree of running WPF applications)
  • Mole (Data Visualizer for Visual Studio)
  • XAML Power Toys
  • WPF Performance Suite

Experience in WPF 3D

We also have considerable experience in working with elements of WPF 3D. Some of them are as follows:

Viewport3D: The viewport is the control that builds the gate between 2D and the 3D world. It provides a rendering surface for 3-D visual content.

Camera: Every 3D scene has exactly one camera. Camera defines the Position and the ‘LookDirection’ and ‘UpDirection’ of the viewer. WPF supports two types of cameras which are known as orthographical and Perspective cameras.

3D Models: A 3D model defines an object in the scene. It has a Geometry that is the mesh and a Material that can be a diffuse, specular or emissive material. The material itself has a brush.

Lights: Light is the first requirement when it comes to illuminating the models. So we need to place at least one light in our scene to do so. WPF supports different kind of lights:

  • AmbientLight
  • DirectionalLight
  • PointLight
  • SpotLight

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